Conference 2020

University College Copenhagen together with the Nordic Research Network on Vocational Education and Training (NordYrk) takes much pleasure in welcoming you to this year’s NORDYRK 2020 – 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Conference theme:

Transitions to, within, and from school to work life in the Vocational Education and Training programmes. Click here for a description of the conference theme.

Overgange til, i og fra skole og arbejdsliv i erhvervsuddannelserne/yrkesutbildningerne. Klik her for beskrivelse af konference-temaet.

Date: Wednesday 10th – Friday 12th of June 2020.

Location: University College Copenhagen, Humletorvet 3, 1799 København

Program: The conference program starts with lunch at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 10th of June and finishes with lunch to-go on Friday 12th of June at 12:00 pm. Find the full conference program here

Important dates: 

March 2th 2020: Abstract submission deadline. Please submit your abstract using the conference abstract template at this e-mail address:

The conference abstract template can be found here: conference abstract template

You can submit your abstract in one of the Nordic languages or in English.

When submitting please titel your abstract with name and / or titel of abstract.

Information about deadline for registration for the conference will be updated here as soon as possible.

Key aspects of the conference theme are:

  • Transfer and connection between school and work
  • Transfer and connection between theory and practice
  • Cooperation between teachers, trainers and other key participants in VET
  • Digital media, digital supported learning (distance learning, Virtual reality, Augmented Realty etc.)
  • Transitional differences and similarities between the Nordic countries
  • Student identity and identification
  • Gender
  • Connection between specific and generic professional competences

Keynotes: The conference keynotes speakers are:

Keynote 1: Professor Christian Helms Jørgensen, Roskilde University, Denmark: The future of Nordic vocational education and training – trends and scenarios. The presentation explores significant trends in the recent historical development of VET in the Nordic countries. The diverging political responses given to some basic common challenges for VET are emphasised. In continuation, it sketches some likely future scenarios for the Nordic VET-systems.

Keynote 2: Ph.d., Postdoc Maarit Virolainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland: Networks or ecosystems between vocational education and training and the world of work and transitions from school to work life.

Keynote 3: Associate Professor Elsa Eiríksdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland: Transitions between school- and work-based learning in VET: Program coherence and competencies developed. The presentation will focus on how the different implementation of the VET dual system in Iceland, in terms of duration and sequencing, relates to perceived program coherence and competencies developed. In particular, how recently graduated journeymen, workplace trainers, and VET teachers view the integration of school- and work-based learning and the competencies developed at each venue.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions, paper presentations and workshops.

Abstracts: A List of all abstracts with the description will later be found here.

Articles may, optionally be published in Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Traning (NJVET), normal review procedures.

Venue: The conference venue will be University College Copenhagen, Humletorvet 3, 1799 København, Denmark

Accomodation: Please note that Copenhagen is very popular in the summer time. So book your stay as soon as possible. A list of hotels as well as discount codes will be posted here as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the NordYrk 2020 – 10 years anniversary conference in Copenhagen next summer.

Conference organizer team:

Niels Henrik Helms, University College Copenhagen:

Susanne Gottlieb, Aarhus University,

Arnt Louw, Aalborg University,