Conference 2021

The NordYrk 2021 conference will be arranged as an online conference in cooperation with Linköping University, Sweden, June 7–9. Deadline for submission of abstracts was January 31, 2021. Submitting authors of accepted abstract have received an e-mail with information concerning acceptance, and a link for confirmation and registration. Deadline for this registration for authors and co-authors who are presenting is March 7. (We need this confirmation to make the conference programme and avoiding scheduling presentations that are cancelled. And for authors who are involved in more than one presentation, we need the confirmations to be able to schedule their presentations in different sessions.)

NOTE: If you have submitted an abstract and not reveived a confirmation e-mail, please contact !

Deadline for registration for all other participants is May 16. A link for participant registration will be published here later, as well as more details about the organisation of the online conference, programme etc.

Conference theme

The conference theme is ‘Transitions to, between and within School and Working life in Vocational Education and Training.’

Key aspects of the conference theme are:

  • Transfer and connection between school and work
  • Transfer and connection between theory and practice
  • Cooperation between teachers, trainers and other key participants in VET
  • Digital media, learning supported by digital supported technology (technology enhanced learning, TEL), Augmented Realty
  • Transitional differences and similarities between the Nordic countries
  • Student identity and identification
  • Gender
  • Connections between specific and generic professional competence
  • Lifelong learning and continuing vocational and professional development


The conference keynotes speakers are:

Professor Christian Helms Jørgensen, Roskilde University, Denmark: The future of Nordic vocational education and training – trends and scenarios.

Associate Professor Elsa Eiríksdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland

Ph.d., Postdoc Maarit Virolainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Abstracts should have been submitted at the latest January 31. Write your abstract in the abstract template:

The template structures information you should provide. You can present your work in a paper presentation, a poster, a workshop, or a symposium. Workshops should be organised as more practice-oriented and interactive, in comparison with traditional paper presentations which are followed bo a short discussion. Symposiums mean that you organise a whole session (or more) with a number of presentations on a common theme. Possible languages for presentation are Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish. We encourage presentations in English, to make the conference more accessible for international participants!

Save the abstract template as a new file with your name, as MyNameNordyrk.docx and submit it to

Abstracts will be subject to review during February 2021, with approval by the end of February.

NOTE: If you had an abstract accepted for the cancelled 2020 conference, you are welcome to make the presentation in the 2021 conference! However, you will have to submit the abstract again, in the new template, where you indicate that the abstract was accepted in 2020. This option is valid if you want to make the same presentation as intended for 2020 – if you have new work to present, you also have to submit a new abstract for review.)

Practical information

More information about the conference will be published here later!